About Us


It’s a platform of lots of knowledge and information related to Information Technologies.

As we all know today’s generation growing up, and we all are moving towards technologies. Technologies are everywhere, even our daily life and living style can’t be done without technology, and the biggest example is Mobile Phone.

Lots and new technologies are coming in our life which will be too much helpful for us but how? it’s a question mark for our knowledge.

Yes, We are trying to upgrade your knowledge and you can also share your knowledge on our platform. It will be helpful for all of us who are struggling in life changing technologies.

What is Information Technology?

  • A set of tools that help you work with information and perform tasks related to the informal processing.
  • Information technology is not limited to computer technology (hardware and software) used for processing and storing information, but also include sending communications technology recycle information.
  • Technology that combines computing with the lines of communication that brings high speed data, voice and video.


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