Smart Remote for Android TV by Your Mobile Phone

Android Bluetooth Remote

As we all know that Android TV comes with some really decent Bluetooth remotes. Mi TV comes with a very nice, light-weighted, and sleek Bluetooth remote. However, this Bluetooth remote can only go so far when it comes to ease of use, especially when you need to type any text on your TV.

It’s quite irritating when you have to type something on your Android TV and you have to go to that particular letter/digit by navigation key. Sometimes typing got an error of misspelling and then we have to edit it again. So irritating. But don’t worry guys, we have a solution to those types of problems.

Some Hopes for Remote

Just think, if we can type by using our mobile phone, and operate the TV on our mobile phone. It will be easier for us. So guys today I’m going to share with you an application, which will help you to operate your Android TV by your mobile phone.

Yes, I’m right. You can use your Smart phone as the remote for Android TV. And you can easily type anything on your mobile phone. No need to take the hassle.


Process are instructed step by step, Please follow the instructions.

  1. Search Android TV Remote Control on Play Store in your Smart Phone.
  2. Install the application in your Smart Phone.
  3. When you open the App it will show you the name of your TV, Click on it. (Please make sure your TV should be Switched on and connected with wifi connection.
  4. A unique 4 digit code will appear on your Android TV screen. Enter that particular code in the app.
  5. Your TV is now connected with your Smart phone.

You will have navigation key along with the Google Assist button and whenever you need to type anything key type via Keyboard which will show on the dashboard on your mobile phone.

This is the best application to enhance your Android TV experience. Just use your Smart phone as the remote for android TV.

Enjoy, and comment if have any query or suggestion related the same.

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