TikTok Accused of Violating Policies Related to Data Collection From Children

A coalition of consumer groups filed a complaint Thursday with US regulators claiming the popular video app TikTok has failed to live up to an agreement last year limiting data … Read More

Delhi Government’s War Against Fake News on WhatsApp: You Can go to Jail For 3 Years

The Delhi Government is now advertising the recently announced guidelines that target fake news, hate mongering and any inflammatory messages that may be shared as a message on WhatsApp or … Read More

Twitter Expands ‘Hide Replies’ by Giving Developers Access to the Feature

Image for representation. (Photo: Reuters) Developers can now create tools that automatically hide bad tweets like those including certain prohibited keywords or those that score high for being toxic. IANS … Read More

Bots on Twitter Are Really Worried About Climate Change; Greta Thunberg Will Not be Pleased

A lot of messages denying the effects of global warming might actually have been written by bots as new research from Brown University in the US found that about 25 … Read More

Bad News! TikTok is Getting a Family Mode: Parents Can Set Time Limits And Disable DMs

TikTok is incredibly popular with teens. ByteDance knows that and it is the likely reason that the company is rolling out a new Family Mode for the app, that will … Read More

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