#Shweta trends on Twitter: Here’s how to turn off mic during a video call

There were enough stories of the perils of video conferencing during this pandemic and to top it all, #Shweta has now been a trend on Twitter after a Zoom audio call of a girl named Shweta (good her identity hasn’t been revealed) was leaked online.

Netizens are making fun of her over a leaked Zoom audio call where she forgot to mute herself on Microsoft teams call while having a conversation with her colleagues.

It’s high time that users learn from this incident and take the nitty-gritty of technology seriously these days and be a little more careful in handling video calls next time.

Almost every video calling platform provides an option to users to mute their video before or during a call, but it looks like many people don’t know how the mute feature works.

Zoom call

STEP 1: First, open the Zoom app on desktop and mobile app on your device

STEP 2: Click on the Settings menu

STEP 3: Then tap on the Audio option

STEP 4: Check the ‘Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting’ option displayed at the bottom of the screen

STEP 4: The mute button will be turned off automatically whenever you join a video call and one can always mute and unmute yourself by clicking the mic icon.

Skype call

STEP 1: Open Skype Desktop or mobile app

STEP 2: Click on the profile photo and then on Settings

STEP 3: Select audio and video option

STEP 4: Adjust the microphone settings by clicking on the “Microphone” option on the Settings menu. You can mute and unmute yourself whenever required.

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