Google find my device

Google Find My Device

As we all knows that in today’s generation everyone has their own smart phone device. And due to increment of crimes Google has launched a new security feature to track your smart phone device or your loved one. It is a Google product named Google find my device. Google monitor your behavior which you are doing regularly on your smart phone device. Google can easily track your phones location via GPS, Internet, and Phones Network. It is an amazing product which Google has launched earlier.


What is Google find my device?

This is a service which works in your smart phone device via your Gmail Id. Google find my device always track your locations and share it with you via Google find my device. This will help you to locate your smart phone device and also you can track your loved one’s smart phone. This feature launched in Android 8.0 updated and after that it will be available in every Android updates. Sometimes we need install many apps and allow these third party App for access your location and your data. But this is risky as because you don’t know that where it is sharing your location and your data too. But Google find is safe and secure.


Features and Benefit:

As Google says ‘Be ready to find a lost Android device’ in their Article, Google is ensuring that they locate your device. Some features they have shown like;

  • Locate your smart phone device anywhere
  • Lock your smart phone device on one click
  • Erase all data of your smart phone device on one click.
  • Ring a demo tune in your smart phone device to locate if it is near you.


Make sure about your Device settings

For that matter Google has given some points to ensure in your smart phone device. You have to just ensure all the settings given below are all set.

  • Be turned on
  • Your Google account should be signed in into your device.
  • Your Mobile data is turned on.
  • GPS settings should be turned on.

All these settings should be the same otherwise Google will not be able to find your device.

But do not worry because Google automatically set all these settings when you set your new device.

You can also know more about all these settings – Click here. There are complete details already given by Google.


How to Locate your device

It is very easy to locate your smart phone device via Google find my device. You just need to install an free application which is given by Google, name find my device. Follow the instructions.

For Smart phone device

  • Install Find My Device from the Play store.
    Find my device on Play Store
  • Open it and log-in with the same Gmail ID which is log-in in your lost device.
    Sign in your gmail id
  • That is it, now you can see the location of your smart phone device. You can lock and erase it by clicking on the secure device and Erase device option.
    Google find my device

For Desktop/Laptop

  • Go to the Find My Device website by searching on Google search or you can click here.
  • Sing in to your same Gmail ID which is sign in your lost device.
  • You will get device details on left on the screen and Map location on centre and right on the screen.
  • Now you can lock and erase the device.
    Google find my device on pc

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